“eMoodie” is a developmentally-informed, experience sampling application specifically designed for research with children and adolescents using ESM or ecological momentary assessment methodologies. It was created as a research tool for the express purpose of studying emotion and socialization patterns, digital technology use, and health factors (e.g., physical activity and sleep) in young people. The app delivers both recurring surveys using notifications and standard questionnaires. It incorporates interactive feedback mechanisms using points and achievements to help engage participants. Its user interface and graphics were designed to be both child-friendly and with a modern aesthetic so as to be appealing to older adolescents and young adults at the same time.


There are two current studies being conducted using eMoodie: (1) one with young adults at the University of Edinburgh; and (2) with early adolescents from high schools located in Edinburgh, Scotland.
These studies have been approved by University of Edinburgh Clinical Psychology Research Ethics Committee, and this project is being run by Claire Ann Banga, a member of the Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology and the Department Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

This project was awarded a 2017 Society for Research in Child Development SECC Dissertation Funding Award.

eMoodie and the accompanying research project was also recently featured at a Society for Research in Child Development conference in Irvine, California.



If you would like any further information about the app and my research project, or if you require some troubleshooting support, please fill out the following form or e-mail the address below.